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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 27, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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the radio show is every weekday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern time. another great tv show for you right here on fox business. in the meantime, i do hope you'll join me on the rao. liberals on capitol hill and the national media are beginning to awaken to the nightmare that is obama care and they are beginning to place responsibility directly on the president on the white house. and the white house may have much more, much worse to deal with. i'm lou dobbs. good evening, everybody. obama care is failing. and that failure goes well beyond the disastrous website health the president's usual allies in congress and in the national liberal media are beginning to
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hold mr. obama himself accounble for what is now a fiasco. it's a decided change of voice and tone within the democratic party. she called on the white house to delay the obama care enrollment deadline until health is working properly. fellow democrats, senator bill nelson of florida calling the obama carolout inexcusable. he told the white house to fire whoever is responsible for the barely functional website on which the obama administration spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. congressman rick nolan of minnesota, another democrat, effectively told the president to grow up and take ownership of the obama care mess and to fix
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it. congressman nolan told president obama to quote, man up, let us know who is responsible and who was in charge here and fire them. and tonight, the liberal national media seems less comfortable with the obama administration. the new york times defending health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, white placing the blame on the obama care disaster clear on the president. the washington post featured a front-page article today on the already-failing on the health care co-ops. created by the government to provide competition for the major corporate insurers. even the cbs and nbc anchors reporting the grim news for this administration. that they usually support and shield from such news. >> as we have been reporting
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this new website unveiled by the obama administration for folks who want to sign up for health insurance coverage, has been a mess from the start. >> she was touted by the first to earn roll in delaware. although obama did say it took a few tries. she said it took her seven hours over 11 days. >> seven hours over 11 days. >> cbs and nbc finally reporting what has become obvious to anyone who watches fox business or fox news. but you may wonder where abc's diane sawyer was on the subject. so we were there. abc news didn't cover the obama care disaster at all last night on its evening newscast. as of this hour, the abc news website is devoid of coverage of the obama care disaster. ax withnot standing the liberal
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media complaints appear to be crumbling. my next guest has spend hundreds of millions of dollars, more tax dollars, to fix and whatever else is wrong with obama care is like trying to overhaul a car engine. joining us is congressman tim murphy. he's a member of the energy commerce committee. great to have you with us. let's start if we may, i have to ask you here, i mean, do these problems manifest, go beyond the website, this is beginning to look like it may be a complete and utter disaster for the government, for this administration?
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and for those who wanted obama care? >> well, the first part is, your last statement, this is a real hope on families to have lower health care and easy to get. when we were having debates in the energy and commerce committee, it was being touted how great it would be for people to get on these plans. we're realizing now with the signature, make this an important bill is making it unsurmountable for families. we spent taxpayers' money on something that didn't work. >> you know, i think it's about time somebody said it plainly, this is pure dumb, this is stupid. and people are talking about accountability, firing someone, i think the problem, congressman, goes much farther than that and it reaches across
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all of government, we're right now confronting an issue that says, this, either the administration itself is too dumb to manage a program, the agency that is sebelius ran, is too dumb. that failure is becoming the routine of the day. with their government. that's an incomprehensible. >> the way i word this, from observations, from when i have held in my subcommittee, multiple hearings throughout the year, when someone from the administration would come before us, they would say everything is fine. the fact you're having a hearing, you're slowing us down. as it turned out, they were either woefully misinformed.
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perhaps there are so many parts to it they didn't know what was going on. they just kept throwing more and more money on it. now the white house is throwing more money at it. we don't know if that's going to work. >> asking verizon, oracle, expedia, helping them in fixing the site, the administration hasn't been forthright on who he's called in to put this site together. this is the president who declared open is transparency. a lack of transparency and op openness with the american people, i don't think we have to put up with that, do you? >> when the president in his press conference, i thought that he was going to be forthcoming. here's the problem, let's define the problem.
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define the steps of what was going to take place. instead it was a description of another way for people to sign up. people should be able to go through step by step, here's what we did, here's where our problems were. we haven't gotten straight answers from the staff before, the president is not giving us a straight answer. people are still out there because they're scared to death, their insurance plans are being terminated. so, compassion dictates that we ought to be moving forward. how do we fix this? that's what we're going to drill into questions. >> compassion would insist that our elected officials both in congress and senate, and of course, the president himself take responsibility and take seriously that responsibility to govern, that means to manage
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this huge massive government that is tour federal government. no one seems -- i shouldn't say no one -- very few people seem to be taking seriously that responsibility in the administration. you talked about the number of people losing their coverage. kaiser today, people who have been pushed out. individuals inshurg themselves. having their insurance removed. the affordable care act, blue cross and major insurance in philadelphia dropping 45% of its individual-acquired policy. 20% to 45% across the country. can congress do something that this administration will not? >> those are the millions of people we worried about that would lose their insurance?
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. choose the insurances that's right for them. i don't think we would be in this. we were reminded repeatedly by the president, that is the law and it will work. we'll try over the next two weeks to help people. if it turns out insurmountable, it's a problem. one party voted for this and they didn't want input. it will be interesting tomorrow during the hearing f the democrats want to work with us to solve this or if they want to bring blame up. they may blame george bush. >> thanks so much, we appreciate it, congressman tim murphy. >> thank you. have a good evening, lou. the shutdown is behind us. it's time for, yes, another supercommittee.
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the government shutdown is over but the work is just beginning for a group of lawmakers now responsible for coming up with a longterm budget deal by the 13th of december. joining us is congresswoman diane black. congresswoman, i got to say, another supercommittee, you all haven't had great luck, i would say w supercommittees, why another one. >> lou, this isn't a supercommittee. this is regular order. this is what our constitutional
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forefathers put out for us. that's what we're back to regular order and that's what we're going to do. >> regular order as to the proceedings, we'll have hearings and people may know what's going on with the committee, which i think is a terrific idea, i hope it would be followed throughout congress and the senate, of course, but you were also one of the 144 republicans to oppose opening the government back up. how is this -- how is all of this going to work? because you and patty murray are apart. >> that's what the committee is about, it's about finding common ground. the senate's budget is different than the house's budget. there will be things that we can find in common. i think we'll both agree, we need to move forward and we need
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to look at what's best for this country and getting our deficit under control. so, we'll set those common principals and move forward. >> that translate into real action and in the nation's interest. i thought the president the other day made a splendid speech after his victory over the republicans on the shutdown and the debt ceiling deal, i thought he said all of the right things, but i have heard him say the right things before and republicans say the right things. what do you think the odds are of this committee, supercommittee or the budget conference committee that results from a deal, what are the odds that you can get something done that will profoundly, significantly, meaningfully, stop government spending levels at this height and actually curtail deficits
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and subsequently debt. >> lou, i'm always an optimist on moving forward. the one thing that encourages me we have been able to work together on the weighs and means, with both of our counterparts in the house, the democrats, and our counterparts in the senate. we have been working together on taking a road show around the country talking about tax reform so, it can be done. i'm going to be hopeful that this can be done. we're looking forward to getting back into congress and working together with our counterparts in the senate. >> you have been among those at the forefront of warning about the train wreck that is obama care, it's upon us now, 50,000 people have enrolled successfully in the program in almost 3 weeks. this is an unmitigated disaster, the administration refuses to
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acknowledge that. although one of the sponsors senator max bacchus warned them of a train wreck and still they moved ahead. what happens next? >> as you say, we have been talking about this for four, five months. i was on your show and talked about the government accountability office telling us that this is not ready. it was not going to be ready. i'm really concerned obviously we're concerned about people not being able to get on in order to sign up. i'm worried about the security measures in this and if this is train wreck in just signing up i can't imagine what it's going to be like when we find out about people's personal information being stolen. i'm not confident at all where they need to be in that arena. >> nancy pelosi said it's a
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technical problem. horrifying to the minority leader it's also a program m mattic problem. they're stunned at what the premiums they'll be paying but also in the case where there are subsidies, not only you people in congress and in the white house will have subsidies, you know, other folks as well, there's a huge deductible for millions of people that they simply never even envisioned, why isn't -- why isn't there some effort about what a mess this is on the part of the administration? they should have taken up the year delay without question? >> they should have done that. there's another piece. my bill, hr 2775, was the vehicle they used to put all of this information into and they corrupted my own bill, they never -- it passed out of the
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house where there would be income verification. the inspector general would verify people's income. when these subsidies would be given up, there's no true verification. >> still the honor system. >> still the honor system. what they did, they corrupted my bill to have the secretary just say, oh, yes, she can certify there's some sort of program there to verify the income. we know that the system isn't working. now we're going to trust the secretary we just have a train wreck of what she put forward and there is going to be terrible fraud and abuse in this program because of that. we have just seen so many things that are wrong. we continue to say, delay this, to have verification there, and i'm telling you, that we're going to see just worse things happening as this goes along.
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we had the same kind of problem in tennessee. eventually it was just totally repeeled and now, it feels like deja vu at the national level. because it's a mess. >> thanks so much. >> thank you so much. house speaker boehner tells president obama,,his caucus gave him a standing ovation. what will they give him next? former house majority leader tom delay on boehner's future and it's a growing trend in business: do more with less wi less energy.hp is he. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment
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as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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sxwlmpblt our next guest says conservatives need to get a game plan together for the next big contest, and he says they have to go on offense. joining us former house majority leader tom delay. good to have you with us, tom. >> good evening, lou. >> i have to ask you, i talked to a number of folks here on this broadcast tonight, conservatives, republicans, and i get the feeling that there is
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not a sense that nay need to change the way they're doing business, do you find that surprising or do you concur? >> they beg who, lou? >> they being republicans, the leadership, from john boehner to every member of the supercommittee that was formed. i just don't hear people, they're saying the same things about the budget. they're saying much the same things about obama care that led to nothing. >> i'm not sure i understand what you're talking about and what ty need to do is change what they're doing because it ain't working, that's for sure. >> you understaood very well. >> that seems like the issue. >> it is the issue. it's really unfortunate it turned out the way it did. i personally believe it was the right strategy, the strategy
8:26 pm
that we used in 1995 and we won. not only did we win but we got welfare reform, we actually balanced the budget, we had a surplus. we paid down the debt and it's all because we stood strong on principal and we didn't give in. >> no, you didn't. you didn't. but bob dole did. >> bob dole did. we were into it for 21 days and bob dole opened the government. by then, bill clinton knew that we were serious, we brought him to the table, we gave him a few face-saving issues but we still got the budget cuts that the fight was all about and we got welfare reform and other things. he vetoed welfare reform twice. >> what did the republicans get this time? what did they win in this shutdown? >> nothing. >> okay.
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>> that's the point. the point being. the fact is, you said the strategy was right but the strategy was extreme it seems to me to the agenda that hey had expressed. >> no, no. the strategy was right. the strategy wasn't carried out. remember, the republicans over 30 republicans in the senate caved in and voted for this deal. 87 republicans in the house voted for the deal. if they had stuck and stuck by their guns did -- like obama did -- obama did the same strategy but he stuck to it and he won. obama said, months ago, that he was not going to negotiate and the that he warrantied a clean cr and debt ceiling and that was it. he wasn't going to talk to the republicans. >> so, do you think the republicans -- >> he got what he wanted do you
8:28 pm
think the republicans know how to formulate a message? i got to tell you, i can't for the life of me figure out why they can't tell the american people what they're talking about, they send out -- i'm going to say it this way, with all respect to paul ryan, they keep sending out the same message on the budget, on the deficit, on the debt, and will not go to the next level and articulate a strategy and a message that connects to working men and women to our middle class and they're being consumed by the chamber of congress and the business roundtable in doing so blatantly and obviously. it's not very appealing to most americans. >> well, we republicans have always had a hard time on message, you know, it's easy for democrats to be on message, because they're collectivist by nature. republicans are individualist and they can always say it
8:29 pm
better than the next guy. it's been difficult to get a message out. i thought that the message was great. obama care, you come out and you pass a continued resolution and it's about defunding obama care knowing that you won't get defunding of obama care but that's your line in the sand and then you compromise to get whatever you can get, that was the strategy. >> you know what, i have to say, tom, it looks like they fumbled their way into a position, they started with repeal obama care, defund obama care, then there's an equity issue here. let's make suhuure the individu mandate is put on the same page. they moved to the issue of subsidies for the white house staff and the president and the senators and the congressmen and their staffs. that was the issue, it evaporated with their treatment
8:30 pm
and their decisions. >> well, that's because particularly in the senate, some senators, spent all of their time trashing the idea and trashing ted cruz rather than getting on message and fight this fight. when it started -- when the fight started, then they shifted away from obama care to budget issues. >> yep. >> it's really unfortunate that they did that. hopefully, they learned their lesson and the next fight that's coming in january, the first thing they need to do is, build -- rebuild their army. you have a list of those republicans that need to be contacted over the next two, three months by their con
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my next guest has a brand-new book out, it's a remarkable book, "history decoded." it's filled with wonderful surprises. joining us now is brad melzer. great to have you with us. inside here are packets of treats and information and history and what a great book. >> yeah, i appreciate it. always good to see you, lou, we not only want to count down the
8:35 pm
top ten conspiracy theories but show you the evidence. when you open up the book, you actually open up the flap and out comes the ed, so you get the lincoln assassination, here's the real letter that john wilkes booth left behind. >> i got the georgia geyser. >> let's talk about this. >> america's stonehenge. there's also map here. >> in georgia right now, a guy years ago, builds this amazing little thing that looks like an american stonehenge. i thing that's so amazing a about it, where it's located they think it's a safe zone, when the big earthquake happen in california, georgia this this spot is going to be what's safe.
8:36 pm
it's right there now today. >> they were built in 1980. >> by a guy who said no one can know my real identity. a secret society. >> i loved what you said. i'm not going to be a spoiler here. >> you'll see, we look at this and you know, this isn't something from 1865 with abraham lincoln. this is today in georgia. >> the spear of destiny? >> one of my favorite ones in there truly. >> pull your cards out. so, this one is the spear that pierces christ's side pl napoleon took power because he
8:37 pm
chased the spear. the other person who chased the spear was adolf hitler. what you have there is the map below the vatican the vatican says they have the real spear and that shows you -- st. peter's by silica. >> this is a nasty piece of business here. i'm not going to read it. >> it's basically it's a nazi secret society and that's their oath they used to take and you get to read the real oath. >> john f. kennedy, his assassination, this is -- i mean, this is fascinating. i know you have dealt with this in a number of ways in your writing but also in your television show -- >> what i love about this one, what we put in here is, we put in jfk's death certificate.
8:38 pm
what you're holding there is the state department sent when they were tracking lee harvey oswald in russia. this is what they knew about him while he was over in russia. >> and this is one that will have conspiracy theorists really wagging away, lee h. oswald, a committee, on organization, the fair play for cuba committee. >> that's his real card. >> that's his card signed. >> and his fake i.d. i love giving my father in law a nice tie. it's really nice when i can give him for christmas is his death certificate. who really killed jfk? we thought it was communist, a great enemy. in the '70s at the time of vietnam and the time of
8:39 pm
watergate, we said it was own government. the '80s it's a time of basically the god father movies. who killed jfk then? >> the mob. decade by decade, who killed jfk? it's whoever america was afraid of at the time. >> great fun. great education. you know, i love the way you thought about it o. always great to see you, brad. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> we recommend it highly. >> it's available online and in book stores now. up next the president holds a rose garden speech on the obama care disaster, he didn't answer any questions and he didn't take any questions and he didn't offer any solutions,
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president obama says he's madder, more upset than anyone in this country about the health train wreck and today he appeared to be the salesman in chief and he didn't apologize for the disaster known as obama care and in 15 minutes of remarks in the rose garden, mr. obama didn't give any real numbers, , any specifics and th white house permitted no questions. the president says he's launching text surge to fix the website and they started this weekend. he's bringing in the best and the brightest, but who exactly is involved who? he let out a couple of details. when will this website be fixed? and press secretary jay carney
8:44 pm
also refused to lay out a time line and the publication consumer reports boiled it down, stay away from the website for at least another month. joining now new york post columnist, fox news contributor michael goodwin, ron christie, great to have you with us here. and fox news contributor j asam. why won't they talk in specifics about the problems by their account, millions and millions are encountering with why not? >> i think, lou, we heard him actually, today, talk in
8:45 pm
specification, about the problem and say they were going to be fixed. we have to keep in mind, lou, there were a number of republican governors, a number of republican attorney generals that tried to sabotage this program when you look at states like oregon. >> i got to stop it. i just got -- >> i'm listen zblg you tell me, what are the reasons and the problems in the delays? why isn't this working? why isn't that working? who are the people brought in for this so-called tech surge. if that's detailed in specific, you have given us your answer. ron, your thoughts on that? >> this is an unmitigated disaster. lou, the american people have heard the last 3 1/2 years, if you like your health insurance, you can keep it. not only does this system not
8:46 pm
work, but i think it brings into question the very competency of this government to do basic functions. >> michael, the specificity, the details, why wouldn't he not answer who. his approval ratings are done. but the american people just want a straight shooter. they want somebody to talk straight about what's going on and everything that has been shuffled around this program now, stuff is really flying in the air. >> don't forget, this is the easy part. this is just the computer, just enrolling, applying and shopping. i suspect when people see the prices that more people will be paying, the whole idea, don't forget, is based on this is a good deal and the president kept emphasizing that today, i think,
8:47 pm
enough people will find it's not a good deal they will not enroll once they have to get through this computer debacle. the president can't answer those questions because, a, he doesn't know them or b, the answers are so terrible he doesn't want to say them. >> one can't imagine that he doesn't know them. i want to turn back to you, jay. let me share with the audience a couple of facts. we saw the revenue of cgi, the contractor on this, rise by 60% over the course of the third quarter, just about, the stock price went up 50% year to date, they are the folks, should there be legal penalties for that contractor the company awarded a contract for and just last year, the canadian province of ontario fired cgi.
8:48 pm
is this just another example of the obama administration's inability to govern, to lead and to manage? >> no, absolutely not. >> i thought you would say yes. >> if you want them to have legal penalties fine sure. when i go to costco i hate the lines, i hate the fact they don't bag my groceries, but guess what, i love the prices i get on my toilet paper and paper towels. that has nothing to do with the product. >> are you them eat cake? >> when you're waiting in line for a long time -- >> no. >>. >> a tree-year lead time.
8:49 pm
my gosh. >> the american people expect efficiency when it comes to their health insurance. and when they get this product, they are happy with it. they are happy with it. i'm going to be happy with it. >> nobody's got it. >> when i'm finally able to afford insurance in new york. if we didn't have republican governors -- >> i think this movie is starting to sound familiar. >> ron, let me turn to you. >> this isn't about her going to costco or target. this is about the american government for the first time compelling people under penalty of law to buy a service that doesn't work. again, going to the chalk talk here. >> they should be thrilled. it h have to work. the problem is, they can't access it. they can't enroll. up next the partial government shutdown, it did spark a fund-raising war, though, hey, some good came of it. we're coming right back. it's a growing trend in business:
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well, we're going to show you a video right now, roll video. there it is. and you see there, a man pushing over a 2,000-pound boulder. but it's also 200 million years old, formed from sand stone with his bare hands, in utah last week, the guy looks pretty strong, right? the same guy knocking over that formation, boy scout leader glenn taylor, filed a lawsuit only weeks before for a car
8:54 pm
crash that caused him great suffer and loss of joy of life. we're back with the a-team. michael, jaymu and ron, we appreciate you being with us. i just want, i want to understand something. why is there, she was talking about people want this to fail, i don't know that anyone wants it to fail, but apparently the administration is incapable of success, jaymu, explain to us why this administration couldn't succeed? >> well, with all due respect to michael i disagree with him there's nothing too complicated for america to tackle. let me paint you a picture, imagine i'm an olympic runner. >> can i say something to you. >> turn down your mike now. turn it down. >> let me be clear, it's the
8:55 pm
obamaed a min installation whether or not went to canada to find a firm to build a website for obama care, it has nothing, that's straightforward. >> why did you hate canada? >> it's about president's face. your answer? >> why do you hate canada? >> we're running to finish line to build this website. you have states that are building their exchanges. >> by the way, i'm not sure -- >> i worked in the states that are participating. >> turn it down a little. normally, we rely on the good manners. >> i love canada. but i'm not the guy who went out and contracted with a company that had already screwed up ontario's deal and now is screwing up america's deal. so, there's got to be some accountability there, don't you
8:56 pm
think somebody in the obama administration take responsibility? >> sure. yes. >> i'm going to take that. fire whoever you need to fire. it doesn't mean that obama care is a bad thing. >> i said it's a bad website and bad management. >> she's going to be talking about. >> the only thing that i wanted to add, this administration is not leveling with the american people about the cost and the number of people who enrolled and the arrogance of the secretary of hhs i'm too busy to testify is abhor rent. >> we have a new health law that's not working. he should have stuck to jobs. >> i'm turning to you for the last word. i know better than this. i'm going to turn to you for the last word. i would like to say i'm jaymu
8:57 pm
green saying good night from austin, texas. can you do that for me? >> good night from austin, texas. thank you oregon by reducing your uninsured r thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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next. >> the fed? f-e-e, fed? john: what is the fed? >> i don't know. john: most americans don't know, yet we give them enormous power. the fed likes it. >> americans have always been reluctant to give too much financial power away. but we still need somebody to foster conditions for a healthy economy. >> your dollar will be worth just this much tomorrow as it is. >> the dollar as low as 96% of its value. >> not everybody likes it. i think it will -- >>s


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